Generally thought of as a volume control found on audio channels. In Logic, a fader can also be an Object that sends out and responds to MIDI events. In this context a fader can be a knob, slider, numerical display, or button.

Fade tool

One of the tools in the Arrange window toolbox. The Fade tool creates a cross-fade when you click and hold the mouse button as you drag across a section where two Audio Regions meet. You can also drag it over the beginning or end of a Region to create a fade-in or fade-out, respectively.

Finger tool

A tool that looks like a hand with an extended index finger. The selection tool changes from the Arrow tool to the Finger tool to enable you to manipulate events or change window parameters. Different mouse and key commands activate the Finger tool in different windows.


A common surround sound format, typically comprising five full-frequency speakers, which are fed by five independent channels, plus one dedicated low-frequency subwoofer.


A term that describes a window that's always visible on your Desktop. You can open a window as a floating window by holding down the Option key while selecting from the Windows menu.


An Object in Logic's Arrange window that contains MIDI Regions, Audio Regions, or other folders.

Freeze function

A function that freezes a track and its plug-ins into a file and then plays back the frozen file instead of the original one, saving your computer's processing power.

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