Lesson11.Setting Up the MIDI Environment

Lesson 11. Setting Up the MIDI Environment

Bonus File Time Goals

APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 11 Project Files > Autoload

APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 11 Project Files > 11 Extras > MIDIDeviceChart.pdf

This lesson takes approximately 1 hour to 90 minutes to complete, depending on the number of MIDI devices in your studio.

Learn MIDI signal flow into and out of Logic

Connect Logic's sequencer to your computer's MIDI ports

Create and configure MIDI Instrument Objects

Gain comfort and confidence working with Logic's Environment

Create a personalized Logic Environment that represents the MIDI devices in your recording studio

Create a custom Autoload Song

Out of the box, Logic is configured to use the default workspace. You can start making music right away using this workspace as the basis for your composition, but chances are the default workspace does not reflect the setup of your studio. The default workspace is configured to support only one General MIDI (GM) synthesizera basic setup, indeed. Fortunately, Logic's Environment is extremely customizable, and you can tailor it to exactly reflect the instruments and MIDI devices you use on a daily basis. Are you excited? You should be. You're about to configure Logic so that it melds perfectly with your studio, which will make music production easier and also enhance your creativity.

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