Configuring Host Integration Server

Configuring Host Integration Server

Once Host Integration Server 2000 is installed, link services need to be configured to connect with the AS/400 host. For connectivity using Ethernet or Token Ring hardware using the SNA protocols, the Data Link Control (DLC) protocol must be installed as part of Windows 2000 networking components. Other supported connection options include using X.25, Serial Data Link Control (SDLC), and other link services.

The SNA Manager is used to configure link services and create logical units (LUs) for connecting over SNA. A local LU for Advanced Program-to-Program Communications (APPC) must be configured on Host Integration Server to connect to a remote APPC LU configured on the AS/400 system. These APPC LUs can be considered as endpoints for conversations needed for this scenario using the SNA protocols.

Host Integration Server 2000 supports the concept of multiple servers running Host Integration Server working together in an SNA subdomain to provide core SNA gateway, application, and data services. Using multiple Host Integration Server 2000 servers offers enhanced reliability and failover capabilities. The member computers and users in an SNA subdomain can be different from those in a Windows 2000 domain. Host Integration Server supports two roles for servers to provide. One system is designated as the primary server and up to 14 other systems can be configured as backup servers. Backup servers replicate the configuration information from the primary server. The primary and backup servers can be configured to share application loads among the different servers. The SNA Manager application installed on the Host Integration Server 2000 servers is used to configure and manage Host Integration Server systems.

To provide enhanced reliability, SNA Manager allows LU pools to be created for use by applications. LU pools provide greater reliability allowing any LU from the LU pool to be used in a conversation. Consequently, LU pools are preferred for this implementation. The configuration process requires that local APPC LUs be defined and configured as well as the remote APPC LUs that reside on the AS/400 system. The SNA Manager used for configuring and managing Host Integration Server 2000 includes an AS/400 Wizard designed to easily create connections to AS/400 systems. This wizard walks users through the process of creating the necessary remote and local APPC LUs. The AS/400 Wizard can be invoked from the Action menu by selecting All Tasks, which will display this option. The All Tasks list of options can also be invoked by right-clicking the mouse on most of the items in the left pane tree view.

For this scenario, Host Integration Server 2000 is installed on the Windows 2000 system where SQL Server is installed. The Host Integration Server system should be designated as the primary server. The data integration features should be selected so the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 will be installed.

The Host Integration Server 2000 Administrator Client can also be used to remotely administer primary and backup Host Integration Server 2000 server systems. These administration capabilities include the ability to completely manage and configure remote Host Integration Server 2000 servers, including creating the APPC LUs needed in this scenario.

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