MSP 2.0 in the Protocol Stack

MSP 2.0 in the Protocol Stack

The MAGIC Services Protocol Version 2.0 lies at the top of the application level of a protocol stack on the client and server network nodes. MSP 2.0 encodes navigation service requests and responses in XML, according to the definitions of XML schemas written in XML Schema Language and available for reference in the MSP 2.0 Registry at

These request and response messages can be carried over any available transport, including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and TCP/IP. The SOAP rules completely define the packaging and delivery of the requests and responses, and the XML schemas completely define the internal structure of the request and response documents.

MSP 2.0 sits on top of XML and SOAP in the protocol stack

In this example, the transport is SMTP carried by TCP/IP over a short-range wireless link. The entire lower part of either protocol stack could be replaced by any combination capable of reliably delivering the MSP 2.0 SOAP envelopes. The fact that the client and server roles can be ignorant of the underlying transport allows different technologies to be used for network communications in support of the "free roaming" capability.

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