NSP, MSPs, and Other Customers

NSP, MSPs, and Other Customers

The navigation service provider, on the other hand, normally serves a variety of customer types, mobile service providers among them. NSPs prefer to use the same delivery mechanisms for each customer type. This allows the navigation service provider to offer quality services to a range of customers, large and small, and at a competitive price, since all of the customers present themselves the same way.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Internet standards such as XML and SOAP is that these standards enable new economies of scale and reduce the cost of individual transactions. The additional benefits of simplified application development and deployment further encourage market development.

Each mobile service provider is just another customer

The greatest benefit is a reduced need to customize technical details of service delivery to meet special requirements of individual customers. It is hard to overstate the importance of the role of the Internet, TCP/IP, HTTP and SMTP, XML and SOAP in enabling the flexible and efficient distribution of labor and reward in mobile services.

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