Programming with Content Management Server

Programming with Content Management Server

Content Management Server 2001 has an extensive API, known as the Publishing API (PAPI). PAPI uses an object model that contains objects that correspond to the various user interface elements manipulated by using the Site Builder application, such as channels, postings, and placeholders. Many of the objects are collections of a particular type of object (Channels/Channel, Postings/Posting, and so on).

Content Connector for Commerce Server 2000 also provides an API, known as the Content Connector Framework API. Objects in this API begin with the letters "NRCS" (for legacy reasons), such as the NRCSSession object and the NRCSCatalog object. These objects provide programmatic access to the object extensions used to store much of the Content Connector–specific data, as well as to the remaining few miscellaneous objects in the API.

Object-level descriptions of these APIs are provided in the following sub-sections.

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