Appendix A: Running ASP and PHP Scripts on Your Own Computer

You might find it advantageous during development to test ASP and PHP scripts on your own computer. To do so, you need to turn your computer into a server using software such as Internet Information Server (IIS), which includes support for ASP. You also need to install PHP and MySQL. The product Personal Web Server is available for older versions of Windows. These notes assume you are using Windows XP Professional (tested on version 5.1) and have Microsoft Access already installed.

Installing IIS

  1. You can install IIS in the original installation of Windows XP Pro or add it to your system. Put the Windows SP Professional CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.

  2. Open the Control Panel. Click on Add/Remove Programs, and then click on Add/Remove Windows Components.

  3. A window will appear with boxes next to the various components for Windows XP Professional. Click on the box next to Internet Information Server. Click Next. When the installation is complete, a window will be displayed. Click Finish.

  4. Click on Start > Control Panel (choose Classic view). Click on Administrative Tools and then Internet Information Services. Expand by clicking on the plus sign next to the name of your computer (local computer). You should see Web sites. Expand this to see Default Web site. Left-click on this and click on Properties. You will be using these panels several times again. Click on Home Directory. Click on the box next to Directory Browsing. The browser will list the files and folders in a folder when you omit the name of a file (unless there is a file named index.htm or html).

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