As you already might know, the different browsers developed distinct interpretations and enhancements for the DOM, negating the claimed purpose of defining consistent ways to access the HTML document. However, the standards organization for the Web, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is working on this problem. There will still be the problem of coping with older browsers, but the new ones probably will be more consistent.

Although your projects will be more complex once you start doing PHP and ASP/JavaScript, there will be help with debugging. The PHP and ASP systems on the server produce error messages.

The examples described in this chapter require information such as the coffee shop prices and the names of image files to be kept in the HTML file. The disadvantages of this approach are that this information is visible and, if it were to grow in size, would become burdensome to manage. This leads to the need for a way to produce HTML pages using information stored on the server, and that, in turn, leads to a need for the “middleware,” server-side software technologies that are the subject of the rest of this book.

Creating Database Web Applications with PHP and ASP
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