Project 6. CSS-Driven Drop-Down Menus

Parents who want a fresh point of view on their furniture are advised to drop down on all fours and accompany the nine or ten month old on his rounds.


As we saw in the preceding project, it's possible to take a simple, unordered list of links and make it look good. The missing component there was the capability to have submenus and even sub-submenus. Is there a way to use CSS and simple HTML to create drop-down menus, and menus within menus?

As you might have expected, the answer is "yes." It does require using a bit of proprietary technology to get one browser on board, but since that browser is Internet Explorer for Windows, the nonstandard bit is very likely more than worth it. As we'll see in this project, we can take simple nested lists of links and turn them into multilevel menu systems.

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