1.3 Research and Discussion Issues

1.3 Research and Discussion Issues

In each chapter, some interesting and important issues that deserve further discussion and investigation are listed. These are not comprehensive but rather illustrate the possibilities for further study.

  1. If we look at software as an economic good, it has some distinctive differences from other technologies. How does the evolution of the software industry compare to earlier technologies, such as mass transportation, electrification, and radio? Does it share a considerable number of similarities, or show major differences? Did it develop faster or slower?

  2. How well do you think we are doing in providing an appropriate education in software at the primary, secondary, and postsecondary levels? What base level of understanding and specific skills should all students possess?

  3. Starting with the observation that products of many types become increasingly interactive, in what ways does the design of these products and how they interact with their owners and users change?

  4. If you were to compare computers and software to earlier technological advances like mass transportation, electrification, and radio/television, how would you compare the effects on individuals, organizations, and society in general? Has software been more or less important in changing everyday lives?

  5. As you are using some of your favorite software applications, think about how your experience relates directly to the programmers who created them. Do you see the personality or culture of the programmer shining through? Or do you feel really isolated from them even when you try to connect? Why?

  6. As you are using those same applications, step back and ask how they might be much better. Do you think they are about as good as they can be, or can they be significantly improved? What do we mean by "good"?

  7. Consider how the Internet has changed the software applications you use. What very specific observations can you make?

  8. As the software industry has matured, for example, evolving from back office functions to individual productivity to serving as the foundation of many organizational processes, consider how the challenges facing the creator of software have changed.

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