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Besides the documentation that comes with Director, and the books available for it, there are a number of places you can go online for even more information. Along with newsgroups on Usenet and email-based mailing lists, there are also many great Web sites dedicated to furthering your knowledge.

The Newsgroups

As an active Team Macromedia volunteer, one of my duties is to read and answer questions in Macromedia's Director newsgroups. In doing that I come across all kinds of useful tidbits in the answers other people give, and often in the questions themselves. I heartily recommend that you spend a little time each day in your newsreader looking through the messages.

Macromedia's news server is:

There are six Director news groups there:

 macromedia.director.3d macromedia.director.basics macromedia.director.lingo macromedia.director.multiuser macromedia.japan.director.basics macromedia.japan.director.lingo 

The Mailing Lists

A mailing list is a discussion group that uses email to pass messages along. You send an email to a special account, which in turns distributes it to the members of the list. Each time someone starts a subject, or replies to a topic being discussed, all the members of the list get an email. Depending on the list, you can get quite a few emails during the course of a single day.

The most popular of the Director mailing lists is Lingo-L and it is run by Penworks Corporation, which is owned by noted Director developer Tab Julius. Lingo-L has over 3200 subscribers, and you can subscribe by going to:

Another popular Director mailing list is Direct-L. Hosted by the University of Arkansas, Direct-L has 842 subscribers as of this writing. You can join the list at:

Two very popular lists, Dir3D-l, and DirGames-l, are run by the Department of Drama and Theater at the University of Georgia. You can join the Dir3D-L list at:

You can join the DirGames-L list by going to:

Finally, the Shockwave-L list, run by Sam Michel of Chinwag, is a low to moderate activity list, but useful nonetheless. You can subscribe to Shockwave-L by going to:

Web Sites

A lot of Web sites feature articles, tutorials, and how-tos using Director. Listing them all would be tough, so I'll give some of the ones I consider quite good. Web site of the Director Online Users Group, or DOUG for short. Lots of articles, tutorials, and generally good information. Run by the Director engineering team, this site has demo movies, code samples, and more. A collection of tutorials by Robot Duck games. Director Web. One of the first, and best, Director support sites. Hundreds of demos, tips, links and more. Truly a lot of information. Animation Math in Lingo. A collection of great tutorials by J.M. Harward, focused on programmatic animation. MediaMacros, run by Chuck Neal, is a fantastic resource with hundreds of behaviors, game demos, source code, and more. Undocumented Lingo. Chistophe Leske's blog. Lots of good information. Not much Director-related stuff, but Tom Higgins is Macromedia's product manager for Director, so pay him a visit. Web site for Ullala, a great Lingo programmer and creator of the 3D Property Inspector, 3DPI. My own personal site. You can find demos, code samples, and even tutorials. Web site of Lucas Meijer, Lingo programmer extraordinaire. If you want to see what Director is capable of, this is a good place to start. Many excellent Director tutorials from the University of New South Wales. This site is managed by Dean Utian, another great developer. News and Notes for Director and Flash developers. James Newton's personal pages. A great resource for sample code and ideas. James is also the editor of the MX Developer's Journal. Shocknet is the place to go for articles and tutorials regarding back-end communication with Director on the Internet. Run by Gretchen Macdowall, updateStage is home to the Director Quirk List, as well as the Mile High Table O'Products.

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