Usability Tips

In this section you'll find tips to help make Director a bit more friendly and easier to work with for you and your customers.

Editing Behavior Scripts

By default, when you double-click a behavior script in the cast panel, the Behavior inspector will open. If you want to edit the script you need to select it, then press the Script Window button in order to open the script window.

You can, however, change this default behavior and allow behavior scripts to be opened for editing by double-clicking them in the cast.


Choose Edit > Preferences > Editors to open the Editors Preferences dialog.


Click the entry for Behavior. Note that its Default Editor shows Behavior Inspector.


Click the Edit button and change the setting from Behavior Inspector to Script Window:


Click OK, then click OK again to close the Editors Preferences dialog.

Now, to open a script for editing you can just double-click it in the cast.

Slowdown After Upgrading

A few people have noticed a substantial overall slowdown after upgrading to Director MX 2004. Although this is quite uncommon, if this happens to you, it's possible that it's caused by your video card's settings. Because Director can take advantage of hardware-accelerated anti-aliasing, it will use your system's DirectX settings. If you have higher than 2x anti-aliasing enabled, this is likely your problem. Set the anti-aliasing to 2x or lower, and you should be back to full speed.


The topic of installers comes up over and over, mostly because it's something all developers eventually have to deal with. There are lots installer applications on the market, but many are quite expensive and go beyond the needs of many multimedia applications.

A common one used by many companies is Installer VISE from MindVision software. It isn't cheap, but Installer VISE comes in both Macintosh and Windows versions, something not many installers do. You can learn more about Installer VISE at:

Another very nice installer, although Windows only, is the completely free Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. Hosted at SourceForge, NSIS is in its second version and is used by companies such as Nullsoft for its WinAmp application. You can get more information, and download NSIS from here:

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