Chapter 1. Introduction to Plone and Content Management



  • Plone Basics

  • Why a Content-Management System?

  • Anatomy of a Plone Site

  • Troubleshooting

The software application known as Plone is an open -source, user -friendly, carefully structured content-management system. The sole purpose of Plone is to make your life easier ”well, your life and the life of anyone else in your organization who needs to store, maintain, and share documents and other information with team members .

In general, a content-management system (CMS) manages content; accepting that definition requires no great leap of faith. But the types of CMS (web-based or offline), and the feature sets of the scores of CMS products available on the market, vary greatly. Just as CMS products differ , sometimes the needs of a company are so specific that internal developers create their own CMS to manage their own content, forgoing any out-of-the-box product that could take longer to customize than to build from scratch.

The Plone Team has created a web-based product that contains a vast yet customizable feature set, intended to meet the needs of most organizations looking for a way to manage and distribute their content. Plone is especially useful for intranets and educational institutions for which the primary goal is the dissemination of content ”period.

In this chapter, you are introduced to the underlying architecture of Plone, the goals of a CMS in general, and the individual elements that make up a standard Plone site.

Plone Content Management Essentials
Plone Content Management Essentials
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