List of Tables

Chapter 3: Working with Databases

Table 3.1: Students and Courses Table
Table 3.2: The students Table
Table 3.3: The students_courses Table
Table 3.4: The courses Table
Table 3.5: The New students_courses Table
Table 3.6: The courses Table
Table 3.7: The Instructors Table

Chapter 7: Advanced PHP Techniques: Web-Based Database Administration

Table 7.1: MASTER_PRODUCTS Table Fields

Appendix A: Essential PHP Language Reference

Table A.1: Basic PHP Syntax
Table A.2: Arithmetic Operators
Table A.3: Comparison Operators
Table A.4: Increment/Decrement Operators
Table A.5: Logical Operators
Table A.6: date() Function Formats
Table A.7: fopen() Function Modes
Table A.8: sprintf() Function Formatting Directives

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