List of Figures

Chapter 1: Getting Started with PHP

Figure 1.1: Successful Apache installation
Figure 1.2: Apache Installer Welcome screen
Figure 1.3: Provide information about your server
Figure 1.4: Apache installer has finished
Figure 1.5: The results of phpinfo() on a Linux/UNIX system.

Chapter 2: Basic PHP Techniques

Figure 2.1: Bean Counter form
Figure 2.2: Modified Bean Counter Form
Figure 2.3: Redirection Menu
Figure 2.4: Feedback form
Figure 2.5: Feedback Form Results page

Chapter 4: Creating and Populating Database Tables

Figure 4.1: Step 1— Name that table
Figure 4.2: Step 2— Form field definition table
Figure 4.3: Preparing to submit the form
Figure 4.4: Successful table creation
Figure 4.5: The form to add a record
Figure 4.6: Adding a sample product
Figure 4.7: Successful record addition
Figure 4.8: View records ordered by ITEM_ID (ascending)
Figure 4.9: View records ordered by ITEM_PRICE (descending)
Figure 4.10: View records with ITEM_PRICE greater than $10.00

Chapter 6: User Tracking and Session Management

Figure 6.1: The Display Preferences form
Figure 6.2: Using Courier as a font preference
Figure 6.3: Using Wingdings as a font preference

Chapter 7: Advanced PHP Techniques: Web-Based Database Administration

Figure 7.1: XYZ Company administration menu
Figure 7.2: Add a new product to the XYZ Company product catalog
Figure 7.3: Successful record addition
Figure 7.4: Select the product to modify
Figure 7.5: Product information pre-populates the modification form
Figure 7.6: Verification of product modifications
Figure 7.7: Select an item to delete
Figure 7.8: Display product information to verify deletion
Figure 7.9: Deletion confirmed!
Figure 7.10: XYZ Company products listed by category
Figure 7.11: All XYZ Company products listed alphabetically
Figure 7.12: Individual product display template
Figure 7.13: Product added to cart— user confirmation
Figure 7.14: Product added to cart— show total cart items

Chapter 8: Advanced PHP Techniques: Working with Images

Figure 8.1: Basic rectangles
Figure 8.2: Filled rectangles
Figure 8.3: Basic pie chart
Figure 8.4: A 3D pie chart
Figure 8.5: The base image from which you'll create other images
Figure 8.6: New image with ellipses
Figure 8.7: PNG slices
Figure 8.8: Copying images with alpha blending
Figure 8.9: Copying images without alpha blending

Chapter 9: Advanced PHP Techniques: Working with XML

Figure 9.1: All XML elements displayed
Figure 9.2: One collapsed element
Figure 9.3: All of the XML elements in messages.xml
Figure 9.4: Missing end tag error
Figure 9.5: Mapped XML content

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