What s a Blog?

What's a Blog?

The term blog is short for weblog, which is nothing more complicated than a World Wide Webbased journal. Don't be fooled by the use of the word journalblogs are not always written by teenage girls with crushes on the latest boy bands (although that's perfectly fine if they are, of course). You'll find blogs written by parents, teachers, geeks, actors, musicians, political pundits, religious leaders, eight-year-olds, and eighty-year-olds. In other words, ordinary people write blogs and ordinary people read blogs. No special skills are required to begin your foray into blogging. You need not have a purpose or a plan. The most important thing to remember about blogging is that it is ultimately your own space, and you may do with it whatever you want.

Hopefully, what you'll want to do is participate in the greater blogging community. Unlike a simple static website, the format of a blog creates a framework upon which a community can be built. With a static website, what you see is what you get; there is no expectation of interactivity between the reader and the author or subject of the content. For instance, if you visit a website and gather corporate information or information about your favorite musician or sports team, you typically can't post a follow-up to the content or ask a question which will then be answered with authority. However, that sequence of events is exactly what the blogging community is built on: communication and conversation. People write posts, other people leave comments, more ideas are generated, and the discussion continues on another blog, and so on and so forth.

Blogging in a Snap
Blogging in a Snap (Sams Teach Yourself)
ISBN: 0672328437
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Year: 2003
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