Table of Contents

  Table of Contents
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Managing Projects with GNU make, 3rd Edition
By Robert  Mecklenburg
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : November 2004
ISBN : 0-596-00610-1
Pages : 320

        The Road to the Third Edition
        What's New in This Edition
        Conventions Used in This Book
        Using Code Examples
        Comments and Questions
      Part I:   Basic Concepts
          Chapter 1.   How to Write a Simple Makefile
        Section 1.1.   Targets and Prerequisites
        Section 1.2.   Dependency Checking
        Section 1.3.   Minimizing Rebuilds
        Section 1.4.   Invoking make
        Section 1.5.   Basic Makefile Syntax
          Chapter 2.   Rules
        Section 2.1.   Explicit Rules
        Section 2.2.   Variables
        Section 2.3.   Finding Files with VPATH and vpath
        Section 2.4.   Pattern Rules
        Section 2.5.   The Implicit Rules Database
        Section 2.6.   Special Targets
        Section 2.7.   Automatic Dependency Generation
        Section 2.8.   Managing Libraries
          Chapter 3.   Variables and Macros
        Section 3.1.   What Variables Are Used For
        Section 3.2.   Variable Types
        Section 3.3.   Macros
        Section 3.4.   When Variables Are Expanded
        Section 3.5.   Target- and Pattern-Specific Variables
        Section 3.6.   Where Variables Come From
        Section 3.7.   Conditional and include Processing
        Section 3.8.   Standard make Variables
          Chapter 4.   Functions
        Section 4.1.   User-Defined Functions
        Section 4.2.   Built-in Functions
        Section 4.3.   Advanced User-Defined Functions
          Chapter 5.   Commands
        Section 5.1.   Parsing Commands
        Section 5.2.   Which Shell to Use
        Section 5.3.   Empty Commands
        Section 5.4.   Command Environment
        Section 5.5.   Evaluating Commands
        Section 5.6.   Command-Line Limits
      Part II:   Advanced and Specialized Topics
          Chapter 6.   Managing Large Projects
        Section 6.1.   Recursive make
        Section 6.2.   Nonrecursive make
        Section 6.3.   Components of Large Systems
        Section 6.4.   Filesystem Layout
        Section 6.5.   Automating Builds and Testing
          Chapter 7.   Portable Makefiles
        Section 7.1.   Portability Issues
        Section 7.2.   Cygwin
        Section 7.3.   Managing Programs and Files
        Section 7.4.   Working with Nonportable Tools
        Section 7.5.   Automake
          Chapter 8.   C and C++
        Section 8.1.   Separating Source and Binary
        Section 8.2.   Read-Only Source
        Section 8.3.   Dependency Generation
        Section 8.4.   Supporting Multiple Binary Trees
        Section 8.5.   Partial Source Trees
        Section 8.6.   Reference Builds, Libraries, and Installers
          Chapter 9.   Java
        Section 9.1.   Alternatives to make
        Section 9.2.   A Generic Java Makefile
        Section 9.3.   Compiling Java
        Section 9.4.   Managing Jars
        Section 9.5.   Reference Trees and Third-Party Jars
        Section 9.6.   Enterprise JavaBeans
          Chapter 10.   Improving the Performance of make
        Section 10.1.   Benchmarking
        Section 10.2.   Identifying and Handling Bottlenecks
        Section 10.3.   Parallel make
        Section 10.4.   Distributed make
          Chapter 11.   Example Makefiles
        Section 11.1.   The Book Makefile
        Section 11.2.   The Linux Kernel Makefile
          Chapter 12.   Debugging Makefiles
        Section 12.1.   Debugging Features of make
        Section 12.2.   Writing Code for Debugging
        Section 12.3.   Common Error Messages
      Part III:   Appendixes
          Appendix A.   Running make
          Appendix B.   The Outer Limits
        Section B.1.   Data Structures
        Section B.2.   Arithmetic
          Appendix C.   GNU Free Documentation License ”GNU Project ”Free Software Foundation (FSF)
        Section C.1.   0. PREAMBLE
        Section C.3.   2. VERBATIM COPYING
        Section C.4.   3. COPYING IN QUANTITY
        Section C.5.   4. MODIFICATIONS
        Section C.6.   5. COMBINING DOCUMENTS
        Section C.7.   6. COLLECTIONS OF DOCUMENTS
        Section C.9.   8. TRANSLATION
        Section C.10.   9. TERMINATION
        Section C.11.   10. FUTURE REVISIONS OF THIS LICENSE

Managing Projects with GNU make
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