List of Tables

Chapter 1: Game Programming is Wacky Because...

Table 1.1: Comparing the Top Platforms for Game Developers.

Chapter 2: What's in a Game?

Table 2.1: Storage Required for Different Activities.
Table 2.2: Storage Characteristics for a 3D Character.

Chapter 6: 2D Stuff Every Game Programmer Should Know

Table 6.1: The Three Common Formats for Color Depth.

Chapter 8: Loading and Caching Game Resources

Table 8.1: Using Different Audio Frequencies with Digital Formats.
Table 8.2: Matchine Bit Rates with CD-ROM/DVD Speeds.

Chapter 9: 3D Graphics all Game Programmers Must Master

Table 9.1: Guidelines for Setting Coordinate Units.
Table 9.2: Translation Matrix for Moving Vectors Linearly.
Table 9.3: Rotate θ Degrees About the Y-Axis.
Table 9.4: Rotate θ Degrees About the X-Axis.
Table 9.5: Rotate θ Degrees About the Z-Axis.

Chapter 12: Debugging Your Game

Table 12.1: How to Run a Successful Debugging Experiment.

Game Coding Complete
Game Coding Complete
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