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caution! wireless networking: preventing a data disaster
Caution! Wireless Networking: Preventing a Data Disaster
by Jack McCullough ISBN:076457213X
John Wiley & Sons 2004 (268 pages)

Written in non-technical language that's perfect for both novices and intermediate users, this no-nonsense guide is for wireless home networkers who want to protect their data from hackers, crackers, viruses, and worms.

Table of Contents
Caution! Wireless Networking—Preventing a Data Disaster
Part I - Understanding the Threat
Chapter 1 - A Brief Overview of Wi-Fi
Chapter 2 - Network Fundamentals and Security Concerns
Chapter 3 - The People Behind the Problem
Chapter 4 - Hijacking Wi-Fi
Chapter 5 - More Wireless Attacks
Chapter 6 - Wardriving
Chapter 7 - Viruses and Wi-Fi
Part II - Protecting Yourself
Chapter 8 - Technical Pitfalls and Solutions
Chapter 9 - Wireless Privacy Concerns
Chapter 10 - Encryption and Wi-Fi
Chapter 11 - Securing Your WLAN
Chapter 12 - Protecting Your Wi-Fi Data
Appendix A - Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Resources
Appendix B - Wireless Standards
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Caution. Wireless Networking. Preventing a Data Disaster
Caution! Wireless Networking: Preventing a Data Disaster
ISBN: 076457213X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 145
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