Building and Running the Project


The survey project is available on the CD that accompanies this book. Copy the project directory from the CD to your hard disk. Start the Web server with the survey command .

Next, open a browser and type the survey URL:

http://localhost:8080/ survex

If everything works well, the result should look like Figure 2.3.

Figure 2.3. Taking your first survey.


For your convenience, the project ships with its own Web server. It uses Jetty , an open-source Web server available from . Jetty is a very good Web server, but it is not as user -friendly as commercial offerings. For example, to terminate the server, you must kill the process (under Windows, Ctrl+C it).

However, Survex is a regular servlet, so you should be able to use it with any servlet-enabled Web server.


Using JRun, you can add servlet support to all the popular Web servers (including Apache, Netscape, and IIS). JRun is available from


You need a SAX 2.0 “compliant XML parser to run this project. The project on the enclosed CD uses Xerces , which is available on the CD, or you can download the latest version from

If you switch to another parser, you will need to update PARSER_NAME in Survex.


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