• Develop your own integration build tool to be used as a precheck-in build test to the golden source trees, or wait for Microsoft to release a tool similar to this one. Keep the points in this chapter in mind when you're building this "silver bullet."

  • If you deploy a Virtual Build Lab process, require that the VBLs use a SNAP system to stay in sync with the Central Build Lab. This is the whole concept of an integration build system such as this.

  • Do not rely on the SNAP system as your mainline build tool. Although I mention that some groups at Microsoft use this tool as their Central Build Team build tool, this can be a little problematic because the check-in queues can get really backed up.

  • Understand that no magic tool is out there to do your work for you when it comes to builds and merging code. But SNAP is a good tool, and some groups at Microsoft cannot live without it.

  • Make sure you have all the other processes down in this book before trying to roll out a SNAP system. These processes include source tree configuration, build schedules, versioning, build lab, and so on.

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