Chapter 10 - The Server Behavior Builder
byGareth Downes-Powellet al.
Wrox Press 2003

We have seen how Dreamweaver MX lets us create our own server behaviors to automate tasks to make Dreamweaver easier to use and more efficient. We started by having a look at the built-in server behaviors, and then went on to see how to build our own. We looked at how to position the code on the page, and how to add parameters to make our server behaviors flexible. We finished up by looking at how we make a user interface so that the user of our behavior can provide the server behavior with values for our parameters.

In the next chapter we'll be looking at debugging your code. No matter how good you are at PHP or Dreamweaver, this is a very useful chapter.

Dreamweaver MX PHP Web Development
Dreamweaver Mx: Advanced Php Web Development
ISBN: 1904151191
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Year: 2001
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