Canceling an Account

If you want to terminate your MySpace account, here's how:


Log into MySpace, and click the Account Settings link on your MySpace home page.


On your Account Settings page, click the Cancel Account link in red at the top of the page (see Figure 3.14).


On the Cancel MySpace Account page, click the Cancel My Account button (Figure 3.26).

Figure 3.26. Click the red "Cancel My Account" button in the Confirm Cancel Account box.

A confirmation email message will be sent to the email account you used to create your MySpace account (Figure 3.27).

Figure 3.27. The address you used to sign up on MySpace is the one MySpace will send your cancellation instructions to. If the address that was used wasn't real, see the sidebar "Canceling Your Child's Account" in Chapter 6.


Locate the email message that was sent to you, and follow the instructions in that email to delete your account.


MySpace warns you, "Canceling your MySpace account will permanently remove all of your profile information from MySpace, including your photographs, comments, journals, and your personal network of friends. This information cannot be restored." Users can create a new account at any time, but may have to use a different email address (not a problem, when free email accounts can be established at Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. at any time). Parents considering canceling kids' accounts might encounter strong reactions, given the social and time investments that go into these profiles.

We've covered the basics of setting up and managing a profile, which is all you really need to get started. But turn the page. In Chapter 4, we cover the all-important topic of how people are using MySpace to manage their social lives, with plenty more "hands-on" tips on how kids and adults can use this service.

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