Section D.23. indications.conf

D.23. indications .conf

The indications.conf file is used to tell Asterisk how to generate the various telephone sounds common in different parts of the worlda dial tone in England sounds very different from a dial tone in Canada, but your Asterisk system will be pleased to make the sounds you want to hear. This file consists of a list of sounds a telephone system might need to produce (dial tone, busy signals, and so forth), followed by the frequencies used to generate those sounds.

By default (and without an indications.conf file), Asterisk will use the tones common in North America. You can change the default country for your system by specifying the two-letter country code in the [general] section. Supported country codes are listed in the indications.conf.sample file located in /usr/src/asterisk/ configs . If you have the required information, your country can easily be added. Here's what the configuration for North America looks like:

 [general]     country=us     ;     [us]     description = United States / North America     ringcadance = 2000,4000     dial = 350+440     busy = 480+620/500,0/500     ring = 440+480/2000,0/4000     congestion = 480+620/250,0/250     callwaiting = 440/300,0/10000     dialrecall = !350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,350+440     record = 1400/500,0/15000     info = !950/330,!1400/330,!1800/330,0 

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