VoiceMailMain( )

VoiceMailMain( ) Enters the voicemail system

 VoiceMailMain([[sp]   mailbox   ][@   context   ]) 

Enters the main voicemail system for the checking of voicemail. Passing the mailbox argument will stop the voicemail system from prompting the user for the mailbox number.

If the mailbox is preceded by the letter s , the password check will be skipped . If the mailbox is preceded by the letter p , the supplied mailbox will be prepended to the user's entry and the resulting string will be used as the mailbox number. This is useful for virtual hosting of voicemail boxes. If a context is specified, logins are considered in that voicemail context only.

Returns -1 if the user hangs up; otherwise , returns .

 ; go to voicemail menu for mailbox 123 in the default voicemail context  exten => 123,1,VoiceMailMain(123@default)  

See Also

VoiceMail( ) , voicemail.conf

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Asterisk: The Future of Telephony: The Future of Telephony
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