VoiceMail( )

VoiceMail( ) Leaves a voicemail message in the specified mailbox

 VoiceMail([sub]   mailbox   [@   context   ][&   mailbox   [@   context   ]][...]) 

Leaves voicemail for a given mailbox (must be configured in voicemail.conf ).

If the mailbox is preceded by s , instructions for leaving the message will be skipped . If it is preceded by u , the "unavailable" message ( /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/vm/exten/unavail ) will be played , if it exists. If the mailbox is preceded by b , the busy message will be played (that is, busy instead of unavail ).

If the caller presses (zero) during the prompt, the call jumps to the o ( lower-case letter o) extension in the current context.

If the caller presses * during the prompt, the call jumps to extension a in the current context. This is often used to send the caller to a personal assistant.

If the requested mailbox does not exist, and there exists a priority n +101 (where n is the current priority), that priority will be taken next .

When multiple mailboxes are specified, the unavailable or busy message will be taken from the first mailbox specified.

Returns -1 on error or mailbox not found, or if the user hangs up; otherwise , returns .

 ; send caller to unavailable voicemail for mailbox 123  exten => 123,1,VoiceMail(u123)  

See Also

VoiceMailMain( ) , voicemail.conf

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Asterisk: The Future of Telephony: The Future of Telephony
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