Hack22.Boost Your Online Gaming

Hack 22. Boost Your Online Gaming

A Palm device can be a useful tool when playing online games on your desktop machine.

Your Palm device can store information for use in online games. You can also use a Palm device to look up information on the Web without disturbing your game.

3.6.1. Storing Information in MemoPad

You can store all sorts of useful information in MemoPad for online gaming, as you can see in Figure 3-28. You can store spell lists and locations of quest items. You can store descriptions of skills. You can record which loot items are useful in trade skills and which are junk. You can track the skill levels of your characters in tradeskills. You can also use MemoPad to hold future specs for your characterdo you go heavy in bow or heavy in melee?

Figure 3-28. Sojourner Master Level abilities for Dark Age of Camelot

3.6.2. Track Quests with the To Do List

Use the To Do List to track quests, if the online game doesn't have a good quest manager. You can create a category for each multi-step quest or use priorities to track substeps of quests within a single category. This can be very useful if a quest has a number of subquests that can be completed in any order.

3.6.3. Look Up Information on the Web

If your Palm device is connected to the Internet [Hack #34], then you can surf the Web [Hack #37] to find information on your game. Most games have a few top quality sites that provide maps, quest info, bestiaries, and more. Sometimes it is easier to snag info using a separate machine or Palm device than it is to tab out of the game. You can sometimes find text-based walkthroughs or strategy guides that you can download to your Palm device.

PDAPortal (http://www.pdaportal.com) is a directory of PDA-friendly web sites which includes some game sites.

3.6.4. Calculator

Use the calculator for figuring prices for tradeskill items or other game-related computations. In the standard calculator, you can recall earlier calculations which can be useful if you end up doing the same thing over and over. If you have replaced the standard calculator [Hack #15], then you can program in useful formulas like how much mana you will get for an increase in Intelligence or how many hit points an increase in Stamina will give you.

3.6.5. Game-Specific Tools

Sometimes you can find game-specific tools for your online game. For Everquest, there was a mana calculator that would take the relevant stats (primary casting attribute, level, and class) and tell you how much mana you had.

The World of Warcraft site (http://www.worldofwarcraft.com) recommends using a PDA to keep track of items if you are going to be buying or selling a lot.

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