Chapter 24. Connecting Worksheets to the Web

By now, virtually every computer programfrom tax-preparation software to the latest hardware-straining action gameboasts Web features. Excel is no exception. Using its Web savvy, you can:

  • Make your worksheet into a Web page . If you want to prepare your worksheet for Web viewing, you can do it by hand, or you can use Excel's surprisingly good, built-in HTML smarts.

  • Put the Web in your worksheet . The Web is full of information, some that's useful, some that's mildly interesting, and some that's downright bizarre. With Excel's Web query feature, you can extract information from a Web page and analyze it right inside a worksheet.

  • Make your worksheet work like a Web page . One of the Web's signature features is the hyperlink, which lets you jump from one place to another at the click of a mouse. With Excel hyperlinks , you can leap between worksheets and Web pages, or you can just jump to different places in the same workbook.

This chapter explores all these features.

Excel. The Missing Manual
Excel 2010: The Missing Manual
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