Chapter 3. Moving Data Around a Worksheet

  • Selecting Cells

  • Moving Cells Around

  • Adding and Moving Columns or Rows

Simple spreadsheets are a good way to get a handle on Excel. But in the real world, you often need a spreadsheet that's more sophisticatedone that can grow and change as you start to track more information. For example, on the expenses worksheet you created in Chapter 1, perhaps you'd like to add information about which stores you've been shopping in. Or maybe you'd like to swap the order in which your columns appear. To make changes like these, you need to add a few more skills to your Excel repertoire.

This chapter covers the basics of spreadsheet modification, including how to select cells, how to move data from one place to another, and how to change the structure of your worksheet. What you learn here will make you a master of spreadsheet manipulation.

Excel for Starters. The Missing Manual
Excel 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual
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