Chapter 4 -- Managing User Accounts

Chapter 4

About This Chapter

A user account is a record that of all the information that defines a user to Microsoft Windows 2000. This includes the user name and password required for the user to log on, the groups in which the user account has membership, and the rights and permissions the user has for using the computer and network and accessing their resources. User accounts help you create consistent user environments across your entire system.

This chapter introduces you to user accounts and to how to plan them. It also explains how to create and configure the properties for local user accounts. This chapter concludes with discussion on using user accounts to troubleshoot issues with desktop settings.

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter, you must have

  • A computer that meets the minimum hardware requirements listed in "Hardware Requirements" in "About This Book"
  • Windows 2000 Professional installed on the computer
  • The Windows 2000 Professional CD-ROM

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