Chapter 14: Developing Database Applications Using ASP.NET

Chapter 14: "Developing Database Applications Using ASP.NET"

As the programming world moves toward the Internet these days, it's becoming important for developers to be able to create Web applications and Web services. The Microsoft .NET Framework enables you to develop, maintain, and deploy reliable and high-performance Web applications and Web services. This chapter starts with an overview of ASP.NET and how to install it, and it then shows how to develop a simple Web application using VS .NET. Finally, it discusses Web Forms controls and how to use them. The Web Form's DataGrid control is a useful control to develop Web-based database applications. You can bind a DataSet to the DataGrid control as you did for the Windows Form's DataGrid control. This chapter discusses how to fill data to a DataGrid and how to develop powerful Web-based database applications using the DataGrid control. It also discusses how to enable paging in a DataGrid control. Finally, it shows you how to develop an ASP.NET guest book for your Web site using ASP.NET.

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