Malstrm Play Parameters

Malström Play Parameters

The Malström Mod wheel control and Velocity section work like the SubTractor's, but on the Malström these parameters can be sent to either or both of the two oscillators, two filters, and two modulators, using the A/B destination switches.

The Malström's modulation wheel can also be used to control oscillators' Shift and Index.

To hear the effects of the Mod wheel controls


Load the patch Reason Factory Sound Bank/Malstrom patches/MonoSynths/Antillator. This patch offers a nice contrast between the up and down Mod wheel settings.


Move the modulation wheel with the mouse, or using your external keyboard's controller.

On this patch, the Mod wheel works on the Filter B frequency and the Osc A Shift values (Osc B and Filter A are disabled). The result: a singing harmonic at the top wheel position, and a bright lead with a moving filter at the bottom position.

This patch is well suited for playing with an external keyboard.

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