The Malstrm Outputs

The Malström Outputs

When you create a Malström, Reason automatically uses the Filter A and B outputs, whether or not filters are enabled (Figure 5.123). In the master control section of the Malström, you can use the Spread knob to override the default outputs.

Figure 5.123. This is the default output cabling from the Malström.

To use the Spread knob


With your loop playing and both oscillators enabled, turn the Spread knob to the left (Figure 5.124). You'll hear all your signals combined as one mono signal.

Figure 5.124. The Spread knob is located with the master Volume knob in the master control section.


Select the Voice:AngelChoir waveform for Osc 1, and Voice:TibetanMonks for Osc 2.


Turn the Spread knob all the way to the right. You'll now hear the separate sounds.


Press Tab; on the back panel, move the output cables from the Filter A and B outputs to the Oscillator A and B outputs (Figure 5.125).

Figure 5.125. Recable the Malström to use the direct Osc A and B outputs.

This "hard-wires" a stereo spread between the two oscillators. However, these outputs will disable the main left/right filter A/B outputs. This is not a problem if you don't plan on using the filter or the shaper controls. In fact, this arrangement allows you to use the shaper and the filters for another device!

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