This chapter introduced you to the application you will be building throughout this book. You should have an understanding of some of the tradeoffs you have when making your initial design decisions. Also, you gained some insight into basic security with IIS and the .NET Framework. You have also gained an understanding of your objects, where they reside, and how they will communicate. In Chapter 3, "Creating the Application Infrastructure," you will build a robust and reusable set of base classes that you will be able to inherit from when creating the user interface throughout the rest of the application. You will also create a basic set of working business objects that will allow you to retrieve data from SQL Server and display it to the user.

Building Client/Server Applications with VB. NET(c) An Example-Driven Approach
Building Client/Server Applications Under VB .NET: An Example-Driven Approach
ISBN: 1590590708
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Year: 2005
Pages: 148
Authors: Jeff Levinson
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