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hash mark (#) in comments 
header( ) function  2nd 
headers, HTTP 
    Content-Type for image formats 
    request, entries in $_SERVER array 
        Location header 
headers_sent( ) function 
hebrev( ) function 
hebrevc( ) function 
Hello World PDF document (example) 
here documents (heredocs) 
hexadecimal values 
    formatting for printf( ) 
hexdec( ) function 
hidden form fields 
    session ID, passing via 
highlight_file( ) function 
highlight_string( ) function 
hostnames, returning with IP address 
    blocks inside PHP statements 
    client-side scripting within pages 
    color options for pages 
    embedded PHP commands in pages 
    embedding images in pages 
    extracting URLs from pages 
    forms  [See forms]
    in PHP functions 
    in strings, converting special characters to entities 
    loading from another module 
    PHP configuration page 
        meta, extracting from strings  2nd 
        removing from strings 
    tags, removing from strings 
    transforming XML documents into
        XSL stylesheets  2nd 
        XSL transformation from files 
        XSL transformation from variables 
    translation tables for entities  2nd 
htmlentities( ) function  2nd  3rd 
    translation table for quote style 
htmlspecialchars( ) function  2nd  3rd 
    translation table for quote style 
    environment information 
    functions for 
    headers  [See headers, HTTP]
    methods, GET and POST  2nd 
        in form processing 
        sending XML-RPC request via POST 
    request headers, entries in $_SERVER array 
    response  2nd 
httpd.conf file
    configuring custom session storage 
    configuring open_basedir 
    configuring PHP for CGI and SAPI module 
    configuring to place session files in your own directory 
    security restrictions on PHP scripts 
    setting safe_mode 
https\:// URLs 
Hypertext Transfer Protocol  [See HTTP]
Hyperwave extension 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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