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ICAP extension 
icons, representing notes in PDF files 
iconv extension (converting strings between encodings) 
idempotence, HTTP requests 
    class names 
    database sequences 
    function names 
    keywords and 
    variable names 
identifying colors 
identity (===) operator  2nd  3rd 
if statements 
    else clause 
ignore_user_abort( ) function 
ImageArc( ) function 
ImageColorAllocate( ) function  2nd 
ImageColorAt( ) function 
ImageColorResolveAlpha( ) function  2nd 
ImageColorsForIndex( ) 
ImageCreate( ) function  2nd 
ImageCreateFromJPEG( ) function 
ImageCreateFromPNG( ) function 
ImageDashedLine( ) function 
ImageFill( ) function 
ImageFilledPolygon( ) function 
ImageFilledRectangle( ) function  2nd 
ImageFillToBorder( ) function 
ImageJPEG( ) function 
ImageLine( ) function 
ImageLoadFont( ) function 
ImagePNG( ) function 
ImagePolygon( ) function 
ImageRectangle( ) function 
images  2nd 
    converting to text 
    creating and drawing 
        graphics program structure 
    dynamically generated, for buttons 
    embedding in a page 
    file formats 
        EXIF extension 
        testing for supported 
        true color 
    GD extension, generating with 
        file formats supported 
    in PDF documents 
        templates for 
    transparency  2nd  [See also alpha channel]
    with text 
ImageSetPixel( ) function 
ImageString( ) function 
ImageTrueColorToPalette( ) function 
ImageTTFText( ) function 
ImageWBMP( ) function 
imagewidth and imageheight keywords 
IMAP, POP, and NNTP extension 
Imlib2 extension 
implicit casting 
implode( ) function  2nd 
import_request_variables( ) 
in_array( ) function  2nd 
include construct 
    getting included files 
    include( ) function 
    opening remote files, security and 
including remote files with PHP on Windows 
incrementing alphabetic characters 
increments, expression 
indenting comments 
indexed arrays 
    calculating sum of values 
    database query results 
    initializing (example) 
    sorting, functions for 
indexes, true color 
inequality (!= or <>) operators 
infinite loops 
    print_r( ) function used on recursive structures 
Informix databases (extension for) 
Ingres II databases (extension for) 
inheritance  2nd 
INI entries, defining in extensions 
ini_alter( ) function 
ini_get( ) function 
ini_restore( ) function 
ini_set( ) function 
    PDF documents 
inline options (within patterns) 
inode values for files 
inproc server 
inserting array elements 
inserting text into strings 
installing PHP 
    configuring Apache and PHP 
    downloading source distribution 
    on Windows 
        automatic configuration with PHP installer 
integers  2nd 
    extension functions returning 
    padding for printf( ) output 
    storing as longs 
InterBase databases, extension for 
interlacing GIF images 
internal extension globals 
    ctype library, checking correctness for current locale 
    gettext extension 
    in PDF file text 
    information about current locale 
    POSIX-style regular expressions, working with 
    setlocale( ) function 
Internet protocols
    different, server connections via 
    TCP protocol for databases 
interpolation, variable 
    in double-quoted strings 
    into array index 
    lookup of multidimensional array 
intersection of two sets 
    examining classes with display_classes( ) 
    sample program 
intval( ) function 
ip2long( ) function 
iptcparse( ) function 
IPv4 addresses, converting to standard format 
IRC gateway extension 
is_array( ) function  2nd 
is_bool( ) function  2nd 
is_dir( ) function 
is_double( ) function 
is_executable( ) function 
is_file( ) function 
is_float( ) function  2nd 
is_int( ) function  2nd 
is_integer( ) function 
is_link( ) function 
is_long( ) function 
is_null( ) function  2nd 
is_numeric( ) function 
is_object( ) function  2nd  3rd 
is_readable( ) function 
is_real( ) 
is_resource( ) function  2nd 
is_scalar( ) function 
is_string( ) function  2nd 
is_subclass_of( ) function 
is_uploaded_file( ) function 
is_writable( ) function 
is_writeable( ) function 
ISO-8859-1 character encoding 
isset( ) function  2nd  3rd 
iterator functions, building table with 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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