abiview reads an ABI sequence trace file and displays the results as a graphic.

Here is a sample session with abiview:

% abiview Name of the ABI trace file: ba16d2.s1 Output sequence [outfile.fasta]: Graph type [x11]:

Mandatory qualifiers:

[-fname] (infile)

Name of the ABI trace file.

[-outseq] (seqout)

Sequence file.

-graph (xygraph)

Graph type.

Optional qualifiers:

-startbase (integer)

First base to report or display.

-endbase (integer)

Last sequence base to report or display. If the default is set to zero, the value of this qualifier is taken as the maximum number of bases.

-yticks (boolean)

Display y-axis ticks.

-[no]sequence (boolean)

Display the sequence on the graph.

-window (integer)

Sequence display window size.

-bases (string)

Base graphs to be displayed.

Advanced qualifiers:

-separate (boolean)

Separate the trace graphs for the 4 bases.

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