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redirect tag, custom tag (Logic tag library) 
    causing the browser to issue a new request (diagram) 
    servlet that performs a redirect when it receives a request (example) 
    versus forwards 
RedirectServlet (example)
    output page 
redundant code in a web application, reducing 
Referer, HTTP request header field 
RegExp package 
relational model, storing objects in 
remote exceptions 
remote interface for the storefront session bean 
remote references 
RemoteException  2nd 
    in the business interface 
Replicate Object pattern  [See DTOs, pattern]
repository.xml file 
request line 
request scope 
    versus session 
request-scope attributes, removing 
request/response lifecycle (JSF) 
RequestDispatcher class, forward( ) method 
RequestProcessor class  [See also controller]2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    ActionServlet class, and 
    extending  2nd 
    process( ) method 
    processException( ) method 
    validate( ) method 
RequestUtils class 
    selectApplication( ) method 
reset( ) method
    ActionForm class  2nd 
    precompiling JavaServer Pages 
resource bundles  2nd  [See also localization]3rd 
    as view components 
    banking application (example) 
    Bean tag library, and 
    classpath, and 
    naming guidelines 
resource tag, custom tag (Bean tag library) 
ResourceBundle class 
    internationalization, and 
response time and performance testing 
ResponseUtils class 
ResultSet object 
RMI over IIOP 
role-name element 
RuntimeException class 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
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