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Savoia, Alberto 
scalability and performance problem 
    ActionForms, and 
    application scope 
    page scope 
    request scope 
    session scope 
scope attribute, form tag (HTML tag library) 
scriptlets versus tag libraries 
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 
security configuration information 
security in the Action classes 
security service 
security-constraint element 
SecurityService class, banking application (example)  2nd 
selectApplication( ) method, RequestUtils class 
semantic validation 
sendRedirect( ) method, HttpServletResponse class 
servlet class
    combining the servlet-mapping 
    configuring with the servlet element 
servlet containers  [See also servlets]
    deployment information 
    hierarchical structure, and 
    part of a J2EE application server 
    processing a client request (diagram) 
    using JSP pages 
    using the servlet container for logging 
    web server working together with 
servlet element 
    declaring initialization parameters 
    how to configure the servlet class (example) 
servlet engines  [See servlet containers]
servlet filters  [See filters]
servlet mappings
    path mapping 
    web containers, and 
servlet-class element 
servlet-mapping element 
servlet-name element 
ServletContext class  2nd  3rd 
    application events and listener interfaces 
    methods used for logging messages 
ServletContextListener interface 
servlets  [See also servlet containers]
    advantages of being written in Java 
    as controllers in Struts framework (diagram) 
    CGI applications, compared to 
    controller servlet, defined 
        servlet that performs a forward 
        servlet that performs a redirect 
        hardcoding limitations 
        template engine for 
        requests to 
    technology resources 
session beans 
    in EJB applications 
    stateless implementation 
session configuration 
session facade 
    defining the remote interface for 
session scope 
    versus request 
session wraps entity 
SessionBean interface 
set-property element 
shared resources 
shopping cart functionality, storefront application (example) 
ShoppingCartActions class, storefront application (example) 
page (example) 
simple bean properties, accessing 
software library, difference between a framework and a 
source packages of Struts, obtaining 
SQL DDL, storefront application (example) 
SQL tags, JSTL 
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 
state diagrams 
state information, view queries the model for (diagram) 
stateless connection of web applications 
stateless session beans 
static content versus dynamic content 
stickiness of web users 
storefront application (example) 
    alternate view (image) 
    build directory structure 
    business delegate for the storefront session bean 
    business interface  2nd 
    business obejcts, creating 
    class diagram 
    conceptual model 
    data model diagram 
    deployment descriptor 
    directory structure 
    ejb-jar.xml deployment 
    global-forwards element 
    home interface for the storefront session bean 
    IAuthentication interface 
    index.jsp page using a template 
    IStorefrontService interface 
    JBoss deployment descriptor for storefront session bean 
    LoginAction class  2nd 
    LoginForm class 
    main page (image) 
    persistence framework 
    remote interface for the storefront session 
    shopping cart functionality 
    SQL DDL 
    storefront session bean example 
    StorefrontBaseAction class 
    StorefrontServiceFactory class  2nd 
    StorefrontServiceImpl class 
    swapping the current storefront service implementation with the delegate 
        general steps to be followed 
    Tiles (diagram) 
    validating shipping information 
    view of main page (image) 
    welcome-file-list element 
Storefront service, dynamic proxy implementation 
StorefrontBaseAction class, storefront application (example) 
    performing repetitive behavior 
    processExceptions( ) method 
StorefrontEJBDelegate class, storefront application (example) 
StorefrontServiceFactory class 
StorefrontServiceFactory class, storefront application (example) 
StorefrontServiceImpl class, storefront application (example) 
storing objects in a relational model 
stress testing 
    alternatives to 
        building your own framework 
        Jakarta Turbine 
        JSF (JavaServer Faces) 
        architectural view of 
        building with Ant 
        converting to JSF 
        directory guidelines 
        JavaBeans, and 
        logging in 
    binary versus source distributions 
    building from the binary distribution 
    building from the source distribution 
    component packages 
    configuration DTD 
    configuration files  2nd 
        complete example 
        configuring a data source 
        declaring ActionForms 
        example that uses declarative exception handling 
    configuring the web.xml file 
    controller components  2nd  [See also MVC]3rd 
    controller responsibilities 
    controller servlet  [See ActionServlet]
    declarative exception handling 
    EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) 
        interfacing to 
        Commons Logging package, and 
        creation of 
        servlet as a controller (diagram) 
        top-level packages 
    GUI tools 
    initialization process 
    mailing lists  2nd 
    model components 
    performance and scalability problems 
    request scope, and 
    tag libraries  2nd 
    tips on installing 
    Version 1.0, changes since 
    Version 1.1, new features in 
    view components  2nd 
    views within the framework 
    welcome file list 
Struts Console 
    download page 
Struts Resource Page 
Struts Validator  [See Validator framework]
struts-config.xml file  2nd 
    changes to 
    complete example 
struts-config_1_1.dtd file 
STRUTS-DEV mailing list 
struts-faces library 
STRUTS-USER mailing list 
StrutsValidator class 
stylesheets as view components 
substring-matching tags, custom tags (Logic tag library) 
Sun';s own JSF Site 
super.init( ) method 
surrogate keys 
SwitchAction class 
    log4j, and 
synchronization and the web container 
synchronized keyword 
syntactic validation 
system exceptions 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596006519
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Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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