Book Features and Elements


This book utilizes a number of elements and conventions to help present information as clearly as possible and to reiterate key concepts. One convention already noted is the practice of using a single example network throughout the book as a context for configuration samples. You can find an illustration of the ZIP network on the inside front cover for convenient reference.

Naturally, configuration code forms a central element of this book. Code fragments are presented in a distinctive typeface (monotype) for easy identification. Input that must be typed by the user is distinguished by bold in code fragments . Individual code terms that appear in paragraphs are presented in bold.

Other elements used in this text are as follows :

  • Notes ” Sidebar comments that are related to the discussion at hand but that can be skipped without loss of understanding or continuity.

  • Tips ” Sidebar comments that describe an efficiency, shortcut, or optimal way of using the technology.

  • Further Reference ” Sidebar passages that identify sources of further information on text topics.

  • Summary tables of commands ” Reference and reiteration of the most important new commands and syntax introduced; these appear at the ends of relevant chapters.

Cisco Router Configuration
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