The first person I need to thank from the bottom of my heart is Candy Hall. She is the best acquisitions editor I've ever had. Her patience and gentle persistence were the perfect blend for an important book covering a large technology. And the technology changed often during the authoring of this book because it was still in its development cycle. Thanks a million, Candy.

The second person I need to thank is Bobby McInnis. He listened to my ramblings in a small recorder and typed them into coherent chapters. He saved me countless hours, and I owe him a huge amount of gratitude.

I'd also like to extend a warm thanks to Rob Howard for his help. He's been incredible since ASP.NET (ASP+ at the time) was introduced in July 2000. I've attended a number of events where he spoke, most notably at an author summit in Redmond where there were only 25 attendees. Besides his guidance over the months, he allowed me to use some of his examples in the book. I really appreciate this, and the book benefited from his help.

Leah Williams, Tonya Simpson, Margo Catts, and Vince Minden have been important members of the team also. Their edits and suggestions have taken this book up several notches in quality.

My colleagues at Rockingham Community College have helped out over the last year. They've covered my classes when I needed to go to Microsoft, propped me up with coffee after long nights, and been supportive all the way around.

Of course, my family and partners at JS Ventures all deserve a round of applause. Their support was a big part of getting the job done.


Special Edition Using ASP. NET
Special Edition Using ASP.Net
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