Who Should Use This Book


The two largest groups of developers who will use this book are classic ASP developers who need to move to ASP.NET and developers of other technologies who need to pick up ASP.NET skills. I teach classes made up of a mixture of these two types. I have classic ASP developers who need to move to ASP.NET for their jobs, where they are planning to develop in ASP.NET for future projects. I have many other students, many of which are mainframe developers, who need to update their skills because the job market is moving to technologies such as ASP.NET.

In addition, you can learn ASP.NET from scratch if you put in the time necessary to learn the technology and work through the chapters. As one of my students says, "You have to put in the butt time before you'll learn anything." And this book is a big help because it covers just about everything you'll need to learn the technology.

Finally, this book is good for the management crowd because they can pick out the key points and understand the technology. This is important if you need to manage projects that are based on the ASP.NET technology.

In short, this book is for

  • Classic ASP developers

  • Mainframe developers

  • HTML developers

  • Visual Basic and Visual C++ developers

  • Web development neophytes

  • Managers and project managers


Special Edition Using ASP. NET
Special Edition Using ASP.Net
ISBN: 0789725606
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 233

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