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While I was writing this book, ASP.NET changed a lot. I started writing at the PDC 2000 when I got an alpha copy. I then went through beta 1, beta 2, and several release candidates. The last cut I used was release candidate 3 (RC3). As such, some of what's covered in the book might have changed by the time you read it. For this reason, I want to emphasize my commitment to updates.

I have a companion Web site for the book. It is at The site has working versions of the sample applications found in the book. In addition, it will have fixes, errata, and extras throughout the life cycle of the book. You also can post feedback and ask questions.

If you find any code that doesn't work in the sample applications or the code snippets found in the book, please check the Web site for fixes. If you can't find fixes, notify me (either at or via the Web site) and I'll get necessary fixes posted just as soon as possible.

If you have any questions that weren't answered in the book, check the Web site. I might have posted additional material on the subject in question. If you don't find what you're looking for, please alert me to your needs and I'll do my very best to get you some answers.

If you have some of your own ideas or demo programs, I'd be glad to post them on the Web site and cite you as the source. I'm open to material you'd like to send.


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