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WAN IP address, setting 
WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)  2nd 
    legality of 
    with NetStumbler, safety issues for 
Watcher icon for AirCard 555 
wavelength of radio waves 
waypoints (GPS locations) 
WayPort hotspots 
WCDMA (Wideband CDMA)  2nd 
web-based configuration for access points 
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) standard  2nd  3rd 
    configuring wireless networks 
    dynamic WEP keys 
    enabling for wireless networks  2nd 
    problems with  2nd  3rd 
    specifying WEP keys 
    vs. WPA 
Wi-Fi Alliance 
    Wi-Fi Zone and 
Wi-Fi Protected Access standard  [See WPA standard]
Wi-Fi technology 
    generating maps 
    putting on notebook computers 
    security issues and 
Wi-Fi Zone 
    web site for 
WIDCOMM Bluetooth Stack driver 
Wideband CDMA (WCDMA)  2nd 
WiFinder web site 
WildPackets Inc. 
Windows XP
    Bluetooth technology and 
    conflicts between D-Link DWL-650+ and 
    implementing 802.1X authentication in 
    IrDA protocols supported by 
    using encryption with Bluetooth devices 
    WPA and 
Windows XP Professional Edition
    Remote Desktop and 
    setting up VPN connection between two computers 
    Smart Display and 
Wired Equivalent Privacy standard  [See WEP standard]
wireless access points  [See access points]
wireless access points with routers 
wireless adapters 
    for AirPanel V150 
    for Bluetooth 
    connecting to wireless networks with 
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)  2nd 
wireless cards 
    chipsets in 
    connecting AirPanel to host computers 
wireless community networks 
Wireless Fidelity technology  [See Wi-Fi technology]
wireless hotspots  2nd 
Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) 
wireless LAN access, configuring PCMCIA cards for 
wireless LAN analyzers 
wireless network aggregators 
Wireless Network Connection icon 
wireless networks 
    802.11 standards 
        terminology of 
    ad-hoc mode  2nd  3rd 
    connecting to 
        in closed systems 
    firewalls and 
    fundamentals of 
    gaining access to 
    home network setup 
    infrastructure mode  2nd 
    locating, when on the road 
    manually adding 
    office network setup 
    security issues  2nd 
    setting up 
    sharing Internet connections with neighbors 
    technologies used by 
    web-based configuration 
wireless repeaters
    setting up 
    using access points as 
wireless routers
    enabling WEP using Linksys 
    "IPSec and PPTP pass-through" feature and 
    MAC addresses, locking 
    sharing bandwidth on the road 
    wireless access points and 
wireless security  [See security]
wireless standards  [See 802.11 wireless standards]
Wireless Zero Configuration service 
    finding wireless networks 
WirelessCommunities web site 
WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers) 
WLAN access, configuring PCMCIA cards for 
WLAN analyzers 
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) standard  2nd 
    vs. WEP 
    Windows XP and 
WPA2 standard (802.11i) 

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