Longaberger Step-by-Step Loyalty

  1. Demonstrate a sincere interest in your customers by being responsive to them.

  2. Your customers will feel important in response to your interest.

  3. Your customers will buy from you because you make them feel important.

  4. Your customers are now very important to you and you are very interested in them.

  5. Keep this cycle going and you will have a self-fulfilling prophecy of loyalty.

A couple of years ago, an information technology survey was conducted with several Fortune 500 companies. Each of the companies surveyed was spending hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars on information technology research, which discloses the best uses and types of telecommunication and computing equipment.

The information technology research arena is complex, scientific, and constantly evolving. Some research firms claim that there are major technology changes every 53 days and, therefore, up-to-the-minute research reports are critical. The importance of objectivity and a scientific methodology are also critical in this field. However, customer loyalty in this very sophisticated marketplace is earned the same way it is earned in much less technical marketplaces.

The survey asked chief executive officers and chief technologists, "What one thing would you change in the research services you are now receiving?" None of the respondents replied with a need for more accurate, timely, or in any way better or less expensive research reports. All of these executives spending piles of money said essentially the same thing, "I wish they knew more about my company and me." Even in this complex and highly technological field, the biggest concern for these captains of industry is to do business with someone that relates to them as people.

This desire of people wanting to be known and understood is demonstrated in all of our interactions. Businesspeople join civic, trade, and church organizations, and find they do business with the people that they meet in these groups. Many times we see famous movie stars, performers, and other well-known people who are surrounded in business with people with whom they grew up.

At the height of his career, Elvis Presley could have hired the best security company in the world to protect him, but instead he surrounded himself with bodyguards, musicians, and other people who he knew all his life. Elvis, famous movie stars, captains of industry, and everyone else want to be known and understood. Elvis didn't do business with the people he grew up with because he knew them; he chose those people because they knew him. People want to do business with people who know and understand them.

Why Customers Come Back. How to Create Lasting Customer Loyalty
Why Customers Come Back: How to Create Lasting Customer Loyalty
ISBN: 1564146952
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Year: 2003
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