Chapter 6: Graphic ExpressionUsing Charts and Images in Reports


We live in a world today where image is everything. Color and graphics are used to add interest and convey meaning. This is true not only for TV, newspapers, and magazines, but also for some of the reports you create.

Reports going to managers or executives need to provide the quick, concise communication of charts and graphs. Reports shared with customers need the polish provided by a well-placed image or two. Reporting Services has the tools you need to effectively communicate and impress in each of these situations.

In this chapter, we explore the final data region, the chart, and how it can be used to summarize and express data. We also use the image report item to add graphics to our reports. Finally, we end this chapter by looking at properties that can be used to format the report output and creative ways to control those properties.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
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