Don Your Hardhat

Now that you are familiar with these SQL Server 2005 BI tools, it is time to start building. In Chapter 6, we return to our sample company, Maximum Miniatures, Incorporated. We look at some of their specific business intelligence needs and begin to build the structures to help them meet those needs. Specifically, we build two data marts—one from scratch and one using the Business Intelligence Development Studio Cube Wizard. After these data marts are built, we will determine how to populate them using Integration Services.

Strap on your tool belt and let's go!

Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Utilize Microsofts Data Warehousing, Mining & Reporting Tools to Provide Critical Intelligence to A
ISBN: 0072260904
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Year: 2007
Pages: 112
Authors: Brian Larson

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