underline attribute, applying to text boxes, 247

Underline value, adding to Lost Delivery Report, 306

Underline value, applying to

Business Type Distribution chart, 213

Days in Maintenance Chart, 217

Employee List Report, 270

Employee Time Report, 257

Fuel Price chart, 206

Overtime Report, 280

Repair Count by Type Report, 184–185

Transport List Report, 173

union code groups, code access groups as, 399

UNION operator, using with SELECT statements, 210–211

URL parameters, values for and function of, 479

UrlMembershipCondition security class, using with Weather Report, 400

URLs (uniform resource locators)

accessing Report Manager with, 375–376

accessing reports with, 474–476

controlling Report Viewer with, 477–478

passing report parameters with, 477

user input, validating, 492

UserID global value, description of, 252

users, assigning rights to, 426


overview of, 484

RS, 487

RSActivate, 485

RSConfig, 487

RSKeyMgmt, 485–486

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Step by Step (Pro-Step by Step Developer)
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