Table element in RDL, structure of, 607

table grouping, adding to Transport List Report, 174–178

table items, placing in Transport List Report, 170–174

Table Properties dialog box, displaying, 257, 260

table reports, creating, 163–167

interactive table reports, 133–145


characteristics of, 520–521

duplicate data in, 77

joining multiple tables, 87

organizing databases by, 73–76

selecting parts of, 172

tables, adding

columns to, 298

to Delivery Status Report, 296–299

to queries, 167, 181

to report layout for Employee Evaluation Report, 325–326

to report layout for Payroll Checks Report, 317–318

to report layout for Weather Report, 322–324

tags in RDL, significance of, 284–285

tasks and security rights, overview of, 414–418

Template project, location of, 252

templates, creating for reports, 245–247

Test Connection button

pressing, 120

using with Transport List Report, 164

text alignment, applying to text boxes, 247

text boxes

changing Value property of, 178

characteristics of, 522

creating borders on, 178

placing in Delivery Status Report, 295

removing from Rate Sheet Report, 240

rotating contents of, 234

using Formatting toolbar options with, 247

text boxes, adding

to Overtime Report, 279–280

to Payroll Checks Report, 316

text boxes, modifying

in Employee Evaluation Report, 327–328, 329

in Lost Delivery Report, 305–306, 309

for Payroll Checks Report, 317

in PlaceCards Report, 231, 232–233

properties for, 224–225

in Rate Sheet Report, 236–237, 240

text, finding, 411–412

TextAlign property, description of, 229

Textbox Properties dialog box, displaying, 262

Textbox report item

with Repair Count by Type Report, 186,

193, 195

with Transport List Report, 176

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

exporting reports to, 356

features not supported by, 356

features supported by, 354–355

guidelines for use of, 356

overview of, 353

viewing documents in, 353–354

timeouts, setting for reports, 467


adding to Business Type Distribution chart, 213

applying to Repair Count by Type Report, 193

placing on report layout for Delivery Status Report, 294–296

setting properties for, 218

Titles vs. Names, 206

Toolbar URL parameter, values for and function for, 479

Toolbox in Visual Studio .NET 2003

features of, 15

using Auto-Hide feature with, 171

totaling, adding to Employee Time Report, 262–267

TotalPages global value, description of, 252

totals, adding to matrix for Lost Delivery Report, 308–309

Transparent value, modifying in Lost Delivery Report, 306–307

Transport Information Sheet

creating report for, 188–189

creating shared data sources for, 188–189

creating TransportInfo dataset for, 189–191

overview of, 187

Transport List Report

adding table grouping to, 174–178

creating shared data source for, 163–167

overview of, 162–163

placing table items in, 170–174

previewing, 173, 177

Transport Monitor Report

creating, 341–342

overview of, 341

TransportInfo dataset, creating, 189–191

TransportList.rdl Report, creating, 165

TransportMonitor Report

enabling report history in, 446–450

limiting snapshots for, 451

TransportSNs dataset, creating for Transport Information Sheet, 188–189

TypeOfTransport alias, creating for Repair Count by Type Report, 181

TypeOfWork alias, creating for Repair Count by Type Report, 181

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