Save All button in Report Wizard, location of, 132

scheduled jobs, executing with SQL Server Agent, 26–27

ScheduledMaint table, adding records to, 191–192


accessing shared schedules from Site Settings page, 470–471

creating for report history snapshots, 449–450

schema of result set, explanation of, 127

scope, relationship to data grouping, 266

scripts, executing for interaction with Reporting Services, 487

Search function, using, 410–411

Section URL parameter, values for and function for, 479

security. See also custom security; inherited security; Windows Integrated security

and data-driven subscriptions, 466

and execution snapshots, 445

managing, 419–420

and My Reports option, 469

and report caching, 443

and report history snapshots, 450

and standard subscriptions, 458–459

testing, 423–426

security, assigning

at folder level, 511

to domain groups, 511

security classes, relationship to

code access security, 398–399

.NET assemblies, 400

security configuration, modifying for Report Server, 401–404

Security Extension API, availability of, 29

security models, changing, 492–493

security page, examining, 413–414

security rights. See rights

Select Component dialog box, displaying, 321

SELECT statements

bold text in, 98

and FROM clauses, 96–97

example of, 97

explanation of, 95

and FIELD LISTS, 97–98, 100, 107

and GROUP BY clauses, 110–113

and HAVING clauses, 113–114

and JOIN clauses, 99–102

and ORDER BY clauses, 105–106

using constant and calculated fields with, 107–110

using with Fuel Prices chart version 2, 209–210

using with Query Builder, 127

and WHERE clauses, 102–105

Select the Data Source page, displaying in Report Wizard, 119, 135–136, 146

Select the Report Type page, displaying in Report Wizard, 127, 139

self-joins, using with databases, 87–88

SerialNumber, entering in Transport Information Sheet, 190–191

series groups, using with Days in Maintenance chart, 220–221

server components, absence of, 65

server installation

description of, 30–31

performing, 45–56

running Report Server service on, 51

software requirements for, 36

server security, advisory about making changes to, 401

server support, availability of advanced server support, 30


deciding on, 37–38

installation considerations for, 37

using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on, 41

Service Account screen, displaying for full and server installations, 50–51

service login account for database server, significance of, 44

ServiceTypes dataset, creating for Rate Sheet Report, 235

SetConfiguration method of AuthorizationExtension class, description of, 499–500

setup error screen, appearance of, 62–63

setup program, running for Reporting Services, 44–45

shared data sources. See also data sources

advantages of, 510

for Customer-Invoice Report, 135–139

for Delivery Status Report, 293–294

deploying with Visual Studio, 381–382

for Employee Time Report, 255–256

for Fuel Price chart, 201–202

identifying, 390

for Transport List Report, 163–167

using with Customer List Report, 123

viewing contents of, 475

shared data sources, creating

for Invoice-Batch Number Report, 146–147

for Repair Count by Type Report, 180–182

in Report Manager, 387–389

for Transport Information Sheet, 188–189

shared schedules, accessing from Site Settings page, 470–471

SharePoint servers, installing Reporting Services on, 67

Show Details button, effect of, 391

Site Settings page

accessing other pages from, 469–471

configuration options and default values on, 467–469

Site-Wide Security page, accessing from Site Settings page, 470

SMTP server

entering address of, 53

installation considerations for, 38

snapshots. See execution snapshots

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), relationship to web services, 20

software requirements, overview of, 36

Solution Explorer in Visual Studio .NET 2003

Customer-Invoice Report, 135–139

Employee List Report, 268

Employee Time Report, 255

features of, 16

Invoice-Batch Number Report, 146

Overtime Report, 276–277

Repair Count by Type Report, 180–182

Transport Information Sheet, 188

Transport List Report, 164

VSS, 287–288

Solution Explorer window, resizing, 152

sort order, explanation of, 392


in Delivery Status Report, 297

in Employee List Report, 272, 275

Sorting element in RDL, structure of, 610

source code, accessing and managing with VSS, 286–289

SQL pane in Query Builder, location of, 125, 168–169

SQL Server 2000, overview of, 26

SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. See Reporting Services

SQL Server Agent, overview of, 26–27

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections

requiring, 40–41, 492

setting up, 52–53

stacked column charts, benefits of, 219

Standard Edition, features of, 29

standard subscriptions

consolidating, 459–460

e-mail subscriptions with embedded reports, 454–456

e-mail subscriptions with report links, 456–457

and execution snapshots, 457–458

overview of, 454

and security, 458–459

using embedded and attached reports with, 458

Stanley, using logon for, 507

StartFind URL parameter, values for and function for, 479

StartItem in Project Property Pages dialog box, purpose of, 384

stored procedures

advantages of, 510

explanation of, 127

using with Customer List Report revisited, 313–314

using with Overtime Report, 276–278

StoreRSLogon project, description of, 493

stp_EmployeesOver45 query string, creating, 277

StreamRoot URL parameter, values for and function for, 479

string concatenation (&) operator, using with Days in Maintenance chart, 221

string literals, using with WHERE clauses, 103

StrongNameMembershipCondition security class, using with Weather Report, 400

structure of result set, explanation of, 127

Style button

Days in Maintenance chart, 217–218

Fuel Price chart, 206

Style element in RDL, structure of, 610

subreport items

characteristics of, 522

explanation of, 324–325

in Invoice Report, 336

placing in Employee Evaluation Report, 328

preparing for Employee Evaluation Report, 330–331

Subreport Properties dialog box, displaying, 335

SubReportTest Report, opening, 406

Subscription Properties page, displaying, 455

subscription services, receiving reports from, 20


data-driven subscriptions, 460–466

deleting, 460

keeping on same report, 458

managing, 459–460

overview of, 453–454

standard subscriptions, 454–458

subtotals, adding to rows or columns in matrices, 309, 311

SUM( ) aggregate function

result of, 112

using with Days in Maintenance chart, 220–221

=Sum aggregate function, using with Employee Time Report, 266–267

summary data, examining in Days in Maintenance chart, 220

summary property, displaying in Properties window, 174

summary rows, determining use of, 111

System Administrator role, overview of, 417–418

System ODBC data source, creating for Invoices Paid Report, 343–344

System Prerequisites Check screen

full and server installations, 46–48

Report Designer installation, 57–58

System User role, overview of, 417

System-Level Role Definition page, accessing from Site Settings page, 470

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